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Beacon, May 2015


The boy and I went up to Beacon in May. This is a small town outside of New York City, about a one and a half hour drive upstate and easily reachable by Metro North as well. It’s a good place to go if you like nature — took my first hike there! — but it felt pretty small to me. Things close early and it’s really scenic, but didn’t leave too much of an impression.

The food is good though, and the Dia:Beacon is up there as well as Stormking, which are both worth the visit alone.


Bagels at the Beacon Bagel.

The Dia:Beacon! I usually don’t enjoy modern art museums that much — I just don’t really get a lot of modern art — but I loved this space. It was vast and thoughtfully curated, with a wide range of exhibits.

I like my jacket 😀

Dinner at the Roundhouse, which I wholeheartedly recommend. We had tuna, duck, octopus. Lotsa seafood.


Dinner at the Hop, which is known for its craft beers. The food was good, but is pretty standard American fare.

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