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What I’m into: Jan 16 edition

I always manage to find new post-its I had forgotten I had purchased.
  • Why Anthony Bourdain Loves L.A. In typical New Yorker fashion, I was skeptical of this piece at first when I saw the headline and dek, but it turned out to be a really beautifully articulated piece from a hardcore New Yorker about why he loves L.A. My favorite passage: “As Roy Choi says, the spine, the very underpinnings, of the food here are Latino and Asian. This is not a European city: It’s not built on Irish, Italian, and Eastern European roots, with the French hotel system as a model. It never was. We all sneered at it in the East, because they didn’t have those fine dining Michelin restaurants in the same numbers as we did. We all begrudgingly said, ‘Yeah, their strip malls are awesome, they got all these kooky quote, unquote ethnic places that are kind of great.’ But we didn’t take it seriously.”
  • I’m not Marie Kondo-ing my life, but I am working slowly on getting rid of shit I own. I’ve hoarded a lot of stuff over the years and I want to own less stuff. These days there are moments when I’m overwhelmed by a sudden urge to own less stuff immediately, but as someone who has historically bought and owned a lot of stuff, the process of un-owning shit is a slow one, so I’m trying not to let the anxiety get to me. I’m breaking the process down into little sections to make it more manageable.
  • The Big Sea, Langston Hughes’ autobiography, which I am currently reading.
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