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Category: Travel

Las Vegas, January 2016


Popped over to Las Vegas the first week in January for CES 2016. Flying over was probably the worst travel experience I’ve ever had. Spirit Airlines is the worst. THE WORST. I try not to complain about travel too much because I always remember this Louis CK bit, but man oh man oh man.

CES was hectic. It was my first time going, and the sheer number of people and things going on all at once was completely overwhelming and stressful. I wish I had more to say about this, because it’s supposed to be the biggest and most impressive electronics show on earth, but I’m just not that huge a tech person, and TVs are TVs. Drones are cool, I guess?

As for Las Vegas itself — this city doesn’t really leave an impression on me. I’ve been one time and six years later it has stayed exactly the same. And maybe I’m not being fair to a city whose main attraction is gambling and one very specific strip of land, but there is a sort of complacency to Vegas, I think. I also do come from New York, where things feel like they’re changing all the time, so my frame of reference is very different and I run at a very different pace.

Washington, DC, June 2015


I was down in DC this summer for work, on one of the most hectic assignments I’ve ever been given. I was running between the same couple of federal buildings to cover events — the Department of State, the Department of Treasury, the National Press Building — and it was hot as hell in DC the few days I was down there, and my schedule was uber tight, making it all but impossible for me to do any exploring in DC. I was also getting sick, so, you know. #life

I did get to snap a couple of photos of DC is hella photogenic and has some of the most beautiful buildings. If there’s one city that’s super historical and very #AMERICAN, it’s gotta be DC. In most major cities, if you wanted to get a good feeling of its history, you usually visit downtown and you’ll get a glimpse of the city’s oldest federal buildings. But DC has all those cities beat.


Beacon, May 2015


The boy and I went up to Beacon in May. This is a small town outside of New York City, about a one and a half hour drive upstate and easily reachable by Metro North as well. It’s a good place to go if you like nature — took my first hike there! — but it felt pretty small to me. Things close early and it’s really scenic, but didn’t leave too much of an impression.

The food is good though, and the Dia:Beacon is up there as well as Stormking, which are both worth the visit alone.

Philly, March 2015


Going to give blogging another earnest attempt, because I used to be so good at maintaining one and I miss writing for non-professional reasons. It may be due to my shorter attention span these days — it’s so easy to just throw a snap onto Instagram or drop a link on Facebook — but it’s also because I write for a living, I stare incessantly at a computer screen. When that’s your day job it’s hard to come home after just to sit in front of a computer even more.

But I really miss blogging and I associate the activity with solitude, which I don’t get a lot of these days, so I’d like to carve some time for it. We’ll see how it goes.

To start off, here are a couple of snaps from my trip to Philly in March this year. I miss it quite a bit — I really enjoyed the city and the things I did when I was there with my dude. I also have a couple of extra feels for it this weekend because I watched Creed over Thanksgiving and it absolutely rocked my socks off.