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Tag: book review

“The Big Sea” by Langston Hughes

This is why it’s so important for me to write about things immediately after I experience them, or else I forget why I’m excited to write about something in the first place.

Anyway, I digress.

Ever since the inauguration of the new US president and all the hell that it has unleashed, I’ve been on a mission to read more about the Civil Rights era and to read more about Black history in general. I had purchased Langston Hughes’¬†The Big Sea¬†years ago on a whim, and it sat on my shelf unperturbed, expecting not to be read like so many other books on my shelf.

But I picked it up at the beginning of last month and what a shame it would have been if I never read this book. I’m not great about writing about books or movies sometimes, because I find that when something gives me the feels, it stresses me out too much to try to do it justice, and so instead I just collapse onto that ball of feels and never attempt to dissect it, heh.